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The hormonal changes that happen in a woman’s body cause many physical and emotional changes that massage can help. Softening ligaments mean the muscles have to work harder to stabilise joints, meaning unaccustomed aches and pains. Carrying an increasingly heavy load is hard work! And during pregnancy it is important to look after yourself physically, as well as to feel nurtured and pampered. Your body can feel alien as the pregnancy progresses; massage helps you to feel in touch with your body, and helps you to relax as you prepare for the birth.

Using a combination of pillows to support you, it is possible to receive a wonderfully comfortable full body massage right up to delivery.

Various options are available, including:

  • Leg and foot massage for tired legs
  • Seated clothed massage for back, neck and shoulders
  • Indian head massage
  • Side lying oil-based back massage or leg and foot massage
  • And for the ultimate relaxation; side lying full body massage giving you the time out you deserve

I have undergone specialist training
in massage for pregnancy.