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When baby comes along, why not share the joys of massage with your little one. Baby massage is not new- it’s been done for thousands of years all over the world, and is increasing in popularity in the west as its benefits are being revealed. For example:


  • Can ease colic
  • Promotes bonding
  • Premature babies thrive better with touch
  • Decreases levels of stress hormones in the urine
  • Improves flexibility, circulation, immune system
  • IT’S FUN!

This is not therapeutic massage, but rather a way to encourage communication through touch between parents and children. Anyone can do it, but most parents like to be given a few pointers. I teach courses of 4x 1 hour (approximately) classes at my home in Binfield. A special time to spend with your baby and to socialise with other parents. Price (45) includes comprehensive handout, oil, and refreshments

One to one or small group tuition is also available - please contact me for details.