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Laughter Clubs - the unique concept that is spreading through the world!

Laughter is good for you on so many levels!

  • Releases endorphins - the happy hormones which can improve your mood for hours
  • These magical chemicals also provide pain relief and boost the immune system
  • Emptying the lungs and breathing deeply means improved oxygenation of the tissues - including the brain (more focus, alertness)
  • A deep belly laugh massages the internal organs, improving circulation
  • Exercises the core abdominal muscles, and also has a similar effect to cardiovascular exercise in terms of increased circulation and raised heart rate
  • Helps you to laugh in the face of adversity
  • Exercises the facial muscles - a natural facelift!

Research at Oxford University and elsewhere has demonstrated other health benefits such as lowered blood pressure, balanced blood sugar... the list goes on

A Laughter session will include some or all of the following:

  • Clapping and simple chants
  • Stretches
  • Deep breathing
  • Laughter exercises
  • Silly games
  • Free laughter
  • Relaxation

It is often called Laughter Yoga because it:

  • Creates a sense of harmony
  • Connection with self and others
  • Deep breathing
  • Simple stretching and mobilisation

I laugh a lot anyway, why do I need laughter club?

  • We laugh for much longer than we would normally
  • We laugh more deeply, thus getting real benefits
  • We can laugh for no reason at all

There are some conditions that may not be compatible with Laughter Club, including:

  • Untreated High Blood Pressure
  • Hernia
  • Pregnancy (first and last trimesters)
  • Advanced piles
  • Epilepsy
  • Acute backache

Laughter Clubs began in 1995 in India with Dr Madan Kataria and a few friends in a park in Mumbai. They are now found in over 70 countries in many settings - parks, halls, day centres, hospices, homes for the elderly, schools, businesses... the possibilities are endless

And Laughter Club is FREE or for a small donation towards room hire.

You can

...the best medicine for your business

In addition to the benefits listed above, a laughter session is recognised as an excellent team building exercise. It encourages safe communication, is non judgemental, and creates a positive atmosphere. A short laughter session at a conference or meeting aids concentration and provides light relief. It also reduces stress, boosts confidence and increases creativity.

Working in a group
You'll laugh deeper and longer if you laugh in a group. It transforms your workforce for the better! To start, just pretend to laugh. It's a scientific fact that the body cannot tell the difference between real and simulated laughter - and it is so contagious that you will soon find yourself laughing for real anyway. With no need for jokes, or even a sense of humour, people feel the benefits immediately.

If you still need convincing, the Sunday Times (5th February 2012) listed the top 5 regrets of the dying and included " laugh properly and have silliness in their life again".

Anne Parry has been involved in Complementary Therapies and training since 1981. She is well known for her infectious enthusiasm and energy which she brings to all her work.

She runs a regular laughter club in Berkshire, and is available for laughter sessions and workshops lasting from 15 minutes to a whole day.